Cause changes in the nature of the glass oxy-fuel combustion produces a large amount of water vapor, so that the concentration of OH dissolved in the glass increases, thereby changing the nature of the glass: (1) reduce the viscosity of the glass. It was found that the isothermal line in the oxy-fired soda-lime glass kiln has a temperature drop of about 5. That is, when the oxy-fuel combustion uses the same melting temperature as the air combustion, the glass in the oxy-fuel combustion kiln The viscosity has decreased. (2) Reduced glass concentration and surface tension. (3) The separation and crystallization tendency of the glass phase in the glass liquid is improved.

The change of the glass flow in the melting kiln causes the convective velocity of the glass liquid in the kiln to increase due to the decrease of the glass viscosity and the decrease of the surface tension and concentration of the glass liquid. The generation of glass surface phenomenon Under the condition of full-oxygen combustion, the combustion products contain a large proportion of HO. The increasing water vapor reacts with some components of the glass surface layer, generating more and more volatile hydroxides. Escape the liquid surface. The erosion process of ASZ bricks in air-fired kiln is in the glass melting furnace, and the fused AZS bricks are mainly used in the wall of the pool and the wall of the melting part. Electrolytic AZS brick wall erosion process (1) temperature effect: electrofused AZS brick more glass phase, this glass phase has a low melting point, it exudes into the brick at high temperatures. The leaching temperature of AZS bricks is usually about 1100, and the leaching temperature of AZS bricks is only about 1400. Therefore, in the high-temperature melting furnace, a large amount of glass phase continuously seeps out from the refractory bricks, and the crystal phases in the bricks become isolated and fall into the molten glass under the action of gravity and liquid flow.

Light Gauge Steel (LGS) is a widely applied building system in developed countries, used in both residential and commercial construction
for many decades. So, while LGS framing has recently become a viable contender in the home building industry, i t has
a reliable track record over an extended period for consistent performance as a structural material.
0.55mm to 1.2mm thick high tensile (G350-G550) Aluminum& Zinc coated steel is applied to factory production of
C-channel which can be used as structural member of wall panel, floor
joist and roof truss and delivered to jobsite for quick installation. LGS
building system is faster, stronger, more affordable, greener, seismic
resistance, termite-proof and recyclable.
Dalian Quacent adopts the most advanced Light Gauge Steel design
software and smart CNC Light Gauge Steel roll fonner from Scottsdale
in New Zealand, which is the world's most innovative steel framing
technology company and has been the market leader for over 20

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