Crystal steel door panels are widely used in cabinets, bath cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, partitions, high-end entertainment venues and other places because of their fireproof, blisters, abrasion resistance, etc. With the small series to understand the characteristics of the next crystal steel cabinet doors and crystal steel cabinet doors, oh.

一、Introduction of crystal steel cabinet door

Crystal steel cabinet doors are made of selected quartz sands which are processed through two high-temperature treatment processes. The crystalline steel panels have high strength, hard surface, smoothness, light transmission, no odor, water barrier, and high temperature resistance.

The so-called aluminum alloy edging steel steel door panel is a frame composed of 0.7mm thick high-strength aluminum alloy profiles and ABS engineering plastics as the main body of force, and then inlaid with a new type of cabinet door plate composed of 4mm thick crystalline steel plate treated with PVC coating. .


Second, the characteristics of crystal steel cabinet doors 1, fire prevention:

Crystal steel door panel has a very strong heat resistance, and the test shows that the temperature difference that can withstand 200°C is not damaged. Even if the whole cigarette is lit after being placed on it, burning it for a long time does not damage its surface, and overcomes the disadvantage that the ordinary plate cannot withstand the burning of the cigarette.

2, impact resistance:

Crystal steel aluminum alloy frame door has a strong impact resistance, the experiment proved that can withstand 227g of steel ball dropped from 3m without damage test, bending strength of 150Mpa.


3, blisters, wear-resistant:

Crystal steel aluminum alloy frame door is made of aluminum alloy frame crystal plate, aluminum alloy profiles, ABS plastic parts, crystal steel plate are not blister material, so the steel aluminum alloy frame door provides fifty years of waterproof guarantee Rinse and soak directly with water. In addition, the surface of the crystal steel knife is not damaged, such as the use of crystal steel frame doors under normal conditions, can be used for 50 years.

4, color diversity:

Made of high-grade PVC film made of special technology, rich in color, variety of colors, crystal clear, such as the texture of glass makes people have a new feeling.

5, no smell, easy to clean:

Crystal steel aluminum alloy frame door panel is made of aluminum alloy, crystal steel plate, and engineering plastic in a clean environment. The product has no odor. Cleansers and water can be used for cleaning.

6, pest control ants:

Crystal steel door is extremely hard, even termites also helpless.


7, sealed firmly:

Crystalline steel door panels inlaid with aluminum alloy do not suffer from the problem of degumming and peeling of conventional door panels with adhesive or thermal compounding.

Summary: The characteristics of the crystal steel cabinet door and the crystal steel cabinet door are introduced here. If you have more confusion about the crystal steel cabinet doors, you can leave a message to the small series below.

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