What should I do if the toilet is blocked? The problem of clogged toilets is believed to have been encountered by most people. The slightest blockage can be dredged through some simple methods. The more serious blockages must be analyzed clearly for the reasons for the blockage of the toilets. Then the “prescription for remedy” is followed by Xiao Bian. Learn some common ways to unblock toilets together.

Why toilet is blocked

Toilets (toileties) are usually divided into two types: one is blockage of soft materials (usually excrement, paper towels, rags, etc.) and the other is blockage of hard objects (toothbrushes, plastic caps, small combs, small toys) , pens, etc.) Of course, there may be other causes of congestion, such as problems with the pipeline itself.

What to do if the toilet is blocked

1. With a slight toilet blockage, use a toilet bowl, use the principle of vacuum absorption to unblock the sundries in the toilet, try several times, and ensure that there is enough water in the toilet to cover the skin. Generally can quickly clear the toilet.

2. The more serious blockage, the use of wire and tanned methods, first use the wire to get out of the toilet in the more serious debris, need to try several times, until the water can flow location, then use the skin, large The size of the toilet to clear the debris.

3. Professional tools to clear the toilet plug, sometimes the source of the blockage may not be their own toilet, but may be other places in the sewer, this time requires the use of professional dredge tools, long cable and shaking device, will block the debris at the Is to clear, or get out, in order to achieve the effect of clearing the toilet.

4. If it is a more serious blockage, you need to find someone to clear the property at the downstairs sewer. At this time, the owner needs to be guaranteed in time, and it is generally difficult to deal with the blockage of a large problem with personal strength.

5. In the process of using the toilet, remember to put in some sundries that are not easy to be decomposed by water. The toilet is not properly blocked. When you use it daily, you need to be careful, and it is a good way to prevent the toilet from becoming clogged.

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