The last time Xiaobian had and everyone said that the overall advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel cabinets and stainless steel cabinet price analysis, Xiao Bian today and we talk about stainless steel whole cabinets and stainless steel cabinet prices, so that everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the stainless steel cabinet .

Stainless steel whole cabinet is OK

Stainless steel cabinets use patented technology, using stainless steel as the material, and stainless steel cabinets are quite resistant to bacterial regeneration compared to cabinets of common materials. In the case of wooden cabinets, it is extremely prone to moisture and causes cracking, resulting in poor water resistance, and the wooden cabinets on the damp will also emit unpleasant odors. Stainless steel cabinets just make up for these deficiencies in wooden cabinets.

In a nutshell, the advantage of stainless steel cabinets is that they are never deformed, cracked or faded. The waterproof effect cannot be questioned. There is no need to worry about leakage or corrosion, and there is no odor in the environment. Modern cabinets have the most advantages and strongest functions. Kitchen treasure.

Can be evaluated from its design, stainless steel cabinet has a strong modern metal style, fine workmanship, clean and meticulous, and its design is mainly a simple straight line, horizontal and vertical, simple and generous, it is not necessary to over-decorated. Therefore, it is convenient and concise when placed in the kitchen, and it will give people an open field of vision. Modern people mostly choose stainless steel as the sink, stove, and range hood, so that the same material cabinets, sinks, stoves, range hoods are integrated, and the whole kitchen is quite overall, fashionable, and forms a bright future. Landscape.

Due to the large number of people living in modern residential elevators, elevators have limited lift space. In order to facilitate people's installation, stainless steel cabinets have separable performance, and all components can be installed and combined freely. And in the hot summer, it feels refreshing and refreshed, which is quite a relief from the heat-smoked espresso that is brought about during the cooking process.

Of course, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel cabinets also have certain drawbacks. For example, the cost of the product is higher. Workmanship is also relatively troublesome. Cutting and styling require a certain degree of craftsmanship and machine foundation. Naturally, it is difficult to achieve a variety of styles as wood cabinets.

Stainless steel cabinet price

Want to understand the price of stainless steel cabinets, we must first understand the size of stainless steel cabinets, different sizes of stainless steel cabinets, its price is different, there are several types of stainless steel on the market, 201 and 304 are Common stainless steel types, these are related to the price of stainless steel cabinets.

The size of stainless steel can usually be customized according to your kitchen, so the size of the stainless steel whole cabinet will not be introduced too much. The price of stainless steel is based on the type of stainless steel. The price of stainless steel in 201 is cheaper than the price of stainless steel in 304. The price of stainless steel in general is about one meter in 2000, and the price of stainless steel in 304 is several thousand or more than three thousand. about.

Information about the price of stainless steel cabinets was introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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