Renovation, for everyone, is a very troublesome thing, how should consumers choose materials? Here, the first introduction is: the tile knowledge that must be seen in the decoration.

Generally as consumers, we have the following ways to get information about tiles:

1. Collect relevant information through various channels in peacetime. Such as: friends introduction, online collection and other methods.

2. Visit the market in person. This is necessary because it gives a more intuitive understanding of the performance price of the product. Personally recommend to choose some well-known brands or strong businesses to buy. Because the brand and strength are also the guarantee of product quality and good service! It is reported that there are separate Anhua ceramic tiles with new ceramic tile in the ceramic industry in the after-sales department, and bee tiles in foreign countries.

3, brick (mainly polished tiles) good or bad simple identification method:

According to the advice of Anhua ceramics experts, consumers can choose through a few simple methods of “look, sing, listen, measure, test”! Details are as follows:

A look: mainly to look at the brick surface; whether it is shiny, with or without scratches, stains, leaking, missing, missing, missing feet and other defects. Look at the bottom mark of the embryo. The bottom of the product produced by the regular manufacturer has a clear product mark. If it is not or is particularly blurred, it is recommended to be careful!

Second 掂: It is the test feeling, the same specification product, good quality, high density brick feel is relatively heavy, on the contrary, the quality of the product feels lighter.

Listening to the tile: If the sound is thick and the sound is long and the sound of the echo is as long as the sound of the bronze bell, the degree of porcelain is high, the wear resistance is strong, the bending strength is high, the water absorption rate is low, and it is not easily contaminated. The degree of porcelain is low (even cracks exist), the wear resistance is poor, the bending strength is low, the water absorption rate is high, and it is highly susceptible to contamination.

Four quantities: the length deviation of the polished brick is ≤1mm, the deviation of the foot line is 500×500 products ≤1.5mm, the 600×600 product ≤2mm, the 800×800 product ≤2.2mm, if it exceeds this standard, it will be for you. The decorative effect has a big impact. The best way to measure the size of the diagonal is to straighten the diagonal line with a very thin line to see if there is a deviation.

Five tests: First, try the shop, randomly sample a number of products in different boxes in the same model and the same color number, try to shop on the ground, stand 3 meters and observe carefully, check whether the product color difference is obvious, brick and brick Whether the gap is straight and the chamfer is uniform; the second is to test the foot feeling, see if the slip is not slippery, pay attention to whether the test brick is non-slip and not add water, because the more water will be more crappy.

Finally, Anhua Ceramics reminds consumers that the following points should be paid attention to when accepting tiles:

1. The packaging of the regular manufacturer is clearly marked with the name of the factory, the address, the trademark, the specification, the grade, the color number, the work number or the production batch number, etc., and has clear instructions for use and implementation standards.

2. There are clear trademarks or signs at the bottom of the bricks (polished tiles) that the regular manufacturers leave.

3. When you make a brand selection and find that the above marks or marks are not complete, please be careful to do so. If necessary, you can go to the local industry and commerce or quality supervision department for identification.

4, the identification of product quality can also be based on "look, 掂, listen, volume, test" several steps to identify. [Follow the WeChat public number " Jiuzheng Ceramics Network" ; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities! Jiuzheng ceramics network exchange group: 80123558 】

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