The glass door sticker is actually a type of glass film. The glass door is affixed with exquisite designs, and it also has a certain decorative effect for indoor homes. The exquisite glass door stickers not only have the functions of heat insulation, heat insulation, UV protection and anti-glare glare, but also can dress up your beautiful home. Here are some related information about glass door stickers and glass door stickers.

The price of glass film

According to the brand, quality, and type, prices range from tens to over a thousand square meters.

Films belong to the emerging markets in China, and they have mixed quality and quality, and they are the best to shop around.

Prices below 100, basically do not have to consider, the quality is not flattered.

The mainstream price is generally between 150-300, it is best to choose a foreign manufacturer, there is a brand of original warranty.

How to identify the quality of the glass film

1. Hand touch. The high-quality film feels thick and smooth, and the inferior film is very soft and thin, lacks sufficient toughness, and is easy to wrinkle.

2. Nose smell. The inferior film is usually made of pressure-sensitive adhesive. This adhesive contains a large amount of benzaldehyde molecules, which will volatilize under the sunlight to produce odors. The special automotive film mounting glue has almost no taste.

3. Look. The high-definition explosion-proof film has high definition, and regardless of the color depth, the see-through performance is good, and the poor quality film has uneven color.

4. Quality assurance card. Only the manufacturer's warranty card is reliable, and the manufacturer's warranty card usually includes the warranty item, the number of years, the payment method, and the name, address, and telephone number of the manufacturer.

5. Wipe with alcohol, gasoline, asphalt cleaners and other chemical reagents. Because the inferior film is only dyed by the adhesive layer, or only the adhesive layer is coated with an ultraviolet ray-removing agent, after the protective layer of the film is removed and the adhesive layer is wiped, the discoloration phenomenon can be seen, or the instrument can be used to test and it can be found that the ultraviolet ray is greatly reduced.

6. Technical parameters. Visible light transmittance, heat insulation rate, and UV-blocking ratio are common terms used by manufacturers to reflect film properties. The relationship between the three is usually: the more transparent the film, the lower the heat insulation; the more reflective film, the heat insulation The higher. Consumers can use storefront measurements to see if they are close to the nominal technical parameters.

7. Anti-scratch. The surface of the high-quality membrane will not be scratched or degenerated, and the inferior membrane has obvious defects in this respect.

8. Whether the packaging and information of the products sold have the original manufacturer's detailed product model, address, telephone number, website address, and bar code. In addition, whether or not to use the original uniform promotional logo, authorized dealers can use all the original propaganda logo, otherwise they will be held responsible for tort; also depends on whether there is a valid license for authorization.

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