Home decoration is not a simple matter, so many people give their homes to the decoration company. In general, the decoration company will provide both the full and half-package options to the owner. The decoration and the construction of the main material for the full-package repair will be the responsibility of the decoration company. This method is very suitable for busy work. Family. So how much is the whole package repaired? What are the precautions for full packaging? The following article will share with you on this issue and look forward to helping those who need it.

How much is the whole package repaired?

This problem is in fact no absolute answer, because there are many factors that affect the decoration costs, and the key depends on the actual decoration needs of the owners. If the owner of the home improvement requirements are relatively high, then a variety of decoration projects will be more, each square meter of decoration costs will be higher, in addition to different styles of decoration will be different prices. The general renovation as the line, the modern minimalist style of the whole package repair price roughly 800 yuan / m2, Nordic style at roughly 1000 yuan / m2, the Mediterranean style price is roughly 1200 yuan / m2, European style at roughly 1400 yuan / m2. Nowadays, there are many decoration companies all over the country. The quality of their decoration is also uneven. The owners need to have the ability to distinguish between good and bad.

The whole package repair attack a little analytical one

The smooth development of the decoration depends on whether a reliable decoration company can be found, especially for the whole package repair. Therefore, everyone must be cautious in choosing the decoration company. It is necessary to select the decoration companies that have formal and high-level home improvement designers and construction teams. They can look for three relatively outstanding decoration companies to compare.

The repair of the whole package slightly larger analytical two

The decoration of new houses involves a number of projects, some of which are hidden, and we find it difficult to see with the naked eye. For example, hydropower construction. If there are problems with this project, it will be more difficult to maintain. Therefore, we are in the hidden works. The material aspect must be to choose better, and the mid-term acceptance must be focused on checking the quality of hidden projects.

The repair of the whole package slightly larger analytical three

Many owners did not agree with the other party for a good construction period. This would be very unfavorable for the owner. If the decoration company also has a lot of home improvement business, it will affect the progress of the renovation. In order to ensure their own interests, it is recommended that everyone should agree with the decoration company a clear decoration of the construction period, start and completion of the time, the main material approach and other matters, preferably in the signing of the contract are all indicated, do not allow Decoration company delays the construction period.

The whole package repair attack slightly large analytical four

There are quite a few owners who are more honest and haven't waited for the completion of the acceptance of the house to call out the decoration money to the other party, which is often in a passive situation. When you accept and accept, do not just sign a few places to accept the signature, because the decoration payment is usually carried out in phases, pay less as much as possible in front of the steps, to protect their most back-work still more than 30% of the project. In addition, when signing a contract with a decoration company, everyone must specify the detailed treatment method for acceptance failure.

The above is about the whole package repair how much money a square and a whole package of repairs slightly relevant analysis of sharing, to everyone to be a reference! If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site, and later on will present more exciting content for everyone.

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