When we were decorating the house, the floor was used as interior floor decoration materials. There were many kinds of floors, such as solid wood floors, tiles, and carpets. The texture of the solid wood floor was natural, the texture was strong, the tiles were smooth and bright, and they had fast heat dissipation characteristics. If the bedroom floor had Carpet full of carpet, in the cold winter, bring you full of warmth, then in the shop design should pay attention to what matters will not affect the overall effect of the post-laying, together with me to see it.

1, the ground treatment method --- before the laying of wood flooring

First of all, we must clean the ground, such as cement slag, sand, wood residue, dust and so on. When sweeping the ground, you can sprinkle a little water on the ground to prevent the dust from flying everywhere. For the paint on the ground, you can use a knife or a small spatula to scrape clean, the corners and the fine dust, paint, putty powder, lime under the wall. And so on should be cleared. If conditions permit, we can rinse the ground with less water and use mops to clean the sewage and small dust on the ground. In short, we must ensure that all the ground must be completely clean, including the corners, as well as on the mop. Wipe clean. After the interior is clean and then let the floor slowly dry, the late paving wood floors can only begin.

2, the ground treatment method --- before the laying of the tiles

Before laying the tiles, we must soak the tiled tiles for half a day. Soaking them into the bricks without bubbling can be done. The kitchen and bathroom cannot have water. There must be a water flow gradient. If you accidentally destroy the original during construction, Waterproof layer must be re-waterproofed. After laying for 1 hour, the cement, caulking agent or other sticky objects left on the brick surface should be wiped off in time, because it is difficult to clean after four hours like the caulking agent. After 12 hours of paving, check the brick surface and if there is any empty drum sound, re-lay it. After the tiles are laid, they can be covered with cardboard, etc. It is advisable to walk on them after 24 hours.

3, ground treatment method - before the carpet is laid

Carpeting can create an atmosphere and a vibrant atmosphere. If there are children, it is even possible to add a line of defense. Before laying some stone or wood products inside the room, you need to do a mirror treatment in advance. The furniture has not yet entered the market. Do not stack debris to facilitate the laying of the carpet. Cement floor Need to do self-leveling treatment, there can be no floating phenomenon. The place to do waterproofing should be waterproof. Some water pipes and wires must be checked and accepted for normal use. It can be used as a mark on the line pipe and water pipe laid along the corner. The bottom wall of the kicker is 1mm above the ground, and the bottom door is +1cm away from the ground to prevent the door from opening. The junction between the doormat and the hardwood is also required. Reserve a +1mm drop in carpet thickness. Laying the floor carpet is best to buy a little better quality, but also to facilitate the use of late performance and aesthetics.

Article Summary: The above is the details of the pre- treatment of the paving tiles, wood floors, and carpets that I introduced for you. I believe if you try to understand it, it will not be too difficult. Here I would like to remind you about the carpet and floor tiles. When sticking, it is recommended to use better double-sided glued tops so that they can be reused. The effect will be better.

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