Today, bathroom decoration people pay more and more attention, and now many people think that the beauty of the tile seam looks good, so you can see the tiles in the tiled areas of the United States and the United States, but the bathroom to do beautiful seams right? Many insiders do not recommend making a beautiful seam in the toilet. Why doesn't the bathroom be beautiful? The following Xiao Bian and everyone together to see why the bathroom does not do the United States and the United States and what kind of good sewing agent related to the introduction.

Why toilets do not make beautiful seams

Now decorating the house, tiles are the most common materials and will be used everywhere in the new house. The decoration of the tile is beautiful, people like to give the tile a beautiful seam, such as living room and bedroom. However, in places like the bathroom, balcony or kitchen, it is best not to make beautiful seams, because for a long time you will find that the gaps in the tiles are relatively easy to be dirty, and some will turn black and even crack and mold, etc., which will affect the appearance. Because the US sizing agent is water-based, and the toilet floor is in contact with water for a long time, if it is easy for the sizing agent to fall off, it will waste money.

Which kind of grout is better

1, Pattex hundred

Henkel (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Pattex Black, top ten brands of white latex, ten brands of interface agents, one of the preferred brands in the field of global adhesives, one of the most powerful global strategic brands in Germany, Germany Han High Group, one of the world's top 500 companies, one of the most international multinational groups in the global market.

2. DAVCO Degas

Degao (Guangzhou) Building Materials Co., Ltd., the top ten brand of waterproof coating, the top ten brands of adhesives, one of the leaders in China's special dry mortar industry, the leading product of China's dry mortar industry and architectural decoration industry, the world famous dry mortar Leading company - a wholly-owned company established by France's PAREX Group in China.

3. MAPEI Mabe

Mabe Construction Materials (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of waterproof coatings, and the top ten brands of interface agents, started in Italy in 1937 and was one of the world's largest manufacturers of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for construction, concrete. Expert in the production of medium mortar and cement mixtures.

4, Sika Sika

Sika (China) Co., Ltd., Sika Sika, the top ten brands of waterproof coatings, and the top ten brands of glass glue, was founded in 1910. It is a multinational company that produces and sells professional chemical materials products in the world. It is the world's leading professional construction chemical product. The company, the world's leading supplier of construction and infrastructure protection materials.

Weber Weber

Saint-Gobain (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Weber Weibo, Top Ten Brands for Sealants, Top 10 Brands of Interface Agents, World Leaders in Ready-mixed Mortar Industry, Excellent Supplier of Global Joint Sealants, One of the Largest Manufacturers of Building Materials in the World .

The above is the bathroom why not to do the United States and why the United States and the United States and the seam is relatively good introduction, I hope to help everyone! Although the tile is beautiful look good effect, but the bathroom is best not to do beautiful seams, a waste of decoration The cost does not say, later need to redecorate, it is troublesome.

Why toilets do not make beautiful seams

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