Organic fertilizer screening machine organic fertilizer drum screen latest drum screen price drum sieve drum screening machine organic fertilizer complete equipment drum screen price drum screen manufacturers order hotline purchase screening machine process: 1. Telephone consultation manufacturers. 2. Choose the model that suits you according to your site. 3. Understand all the parameters of the model. 4. Visiting the factory. 5. Sign the order contract and ask for the notes to be clear. 6. Manufacturers custom delivery 7. Acceptance of goods, receipt, after-sales maintenance problems, keep the after-sales technical phone. Application scope of organic fertilizer screening machine 1. Classification of stone and stone in stone yard. Separation of soil and stone powder. 2. Separation of sandstone from sandstone. 3. Coal industry for separation of lump coal and coal powder and coal washing (Composition of coal washing machinery) 4. Chemical industry, mineral processing industry for grading and separating powdery materials. Organic fertilizer screening machine A device for grading and screening compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers, organic fertilizer equipment One of the necessary products, with the progress of the times, organic fertilizer has become a trend, whether it is imported or self-produced, it is a market that has yet to be developed, the organic fertilizer market that has just started, a large number of needs People who have the courage to get rich. Working principle and performance of organic fertilizer screening machine When the organic fertilizer screening machine is working, the motor is connected to the roller device through the coupling through the reducer, and the driving roller device rotates around its axis. After the material enters the roller device, due to the tilting and rotation of the roller device, the material on the screen surface is turned over and rolled, so that the qualified material is discharged through the screen of the outer circle of the roller, and the unqualified material is discharged through the end of the roller. Due to the turning and rolling of the material in the drum, the material stuck in the screen hole can be ejected, which can prevent the screen hole from being clogged. Huasheng Ming Heavy Industry Drum Screen is equipped with a tapping device, which uses the excess energy of the main motor to drive. No matter how sticky the material is, it can be easily screened without the phenomenon of mesh hole blockage. The ordering process has been discussed since the beginning. If you are interested in this organic fertilizer screening machine, Working principle and performance of organic fertilizer drum screen

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