There are many types of domestic water heaters, kitchens also have special water heaters, and kitchen water heaters save the trouble of draining water from the bathroom water heater to the kitchen . Therefore, most families will choose to install a kitchen water heater. After all, it is very convenient to wash your hands or wash dishes in winter. You don't have to worry about the coolness of the water, it will make your hands cold, and what are the requirements for the installation of kitchen water heaters? I believe that most people are not very familiar with the following questions about kitchen water heaters, follow Xiaobian to understand!


(1) What is the height of the water heater in the kitchen?

1. Wash basin standard: The height of the water pipe is 500 mm from the ground, and the distance between the pipe and the pipe is 10 cm, so that in the later installation, if it is a column basin, it can completely block the back of the column without affecting the appearance.

2, water heater water pipe standard: the elevation is 1.8 meters from the ground, hot and cold water pipe spacing 10 cm.

3, shower room water pipe standard: the outlet is 1.2 meters from the ground, the water pipe can not be fixed within 1 meter. After the tile is attached, the technical requirement of the water outlet is 1 mm from the wall.

4. Standard for water pipes in mooring pool: The water pipe is required to be 750 mm from the ground.

5. Connection toilet water standard: The distance between the middle water pipe and the water pipe is 10 cm.

6. The ground waterproofing should extend from the ground to the wall surface, 300mm above the ground; the doorway extends 300mm outward and on both sides; the waterproof coating is evenly painted and the boundary is clear and tidy.

7. The height of the wash basin is 1100mm, the height of the bathtub is 900mm, and the height of the bath is 1800mm. For the construction requirements of the bathroom, it is more strict, because the water pipe and waterproof are important.

8. The water pipe is located 600 mm from the ground.

9. Take the middle line of the wire box as the standard, 1.35 meters away from the ground. This is based on ergonomics and is measured at 1.72 meters for body height and then installed. The construction standards for kitchen water and electricity lines are completely based on people-oriented design, and the purpose is to consider the convenience and safety of the owners.


(B), the requirements for the installation of kitchen water heaters

1, must be installed by professionals

Due to its special performance, kitchen water heaters have certain complexity and difficulty in installation, so they must be installed by professionals during installation. For the perforation of different wall surfaces, the special treatment of decorative materials, especially the embedded power lines and water pipes in the bathroom, need to be pre-detected and positioned by professional instruments to be installed. In addition to the strict connection requirements of the pipeline, it is also necessary to consider the insulation of hot water, the length of the pipeline and the route of the route, the appearance of the pipe, the grounding of the water pipe, and the like. This can ensure that the installation procedures are accurate, and different installation schemes can be designed according to the user's specific environment to ensure that the water heater can be used normally.

2. Requirements for household electricity standards

According to national standards, the power supply for household electrical equipment should be single-phase three-wire 50 Hz 220 volt AC. The three wires of the power supply --- the fire wire, the neutral wire and the ground wire are connected correctly and conform to the external mark, the grounding is good, the insulation protection is intact, and the wire diameter is sufficient to meet the capacity load requirement. The allowable deviation of the supply voltage in the national power quality is -10% to 7%, which is between 198 volts and 235 volts according to the standard voltage of 220 volts. For kitchen water heater products, the deviation is correspondingly extended to -15% to 10%, that is, between 187 volts and 242 volts. In areas where the electricity load is relatively concentrated, it should be expanded as appropriate.

3, the requirements of the protection switch

For the storage type kitchen water heater, the power supply line should be set separately. Do not share a power line with other high-power appliances. Separate protection devices such as leakage, overload and overcurrent should be provided. The current level of protection should not exceed the rated current of a single appliance. 2 times.

4, for the requirements of the line and socket

The power wiring should not be too thin, the power should be 50% or more larger than the rated maximum power of the appliance, and the current should be 6 amps to 10 amps (power 1320 watts to 2200 watts). The power line cross-sectional area should be ≥1 mm 2 ; In the range of 10 amps to 16 amps (power 2200 watts to 3520 watts), the cross-sectional area of ​​the power cord is ≥1.5 mm 2 ; the current is 16 amps to 25 amps (power 3520 watts to 5,500 watts), and the cross-sectional area of ​​the power cord is selected. ≥ 2.5 square millimeters. The wire sheath should be waterproof and wear-resistant, and the wire ends and joints have sufficient and good connection. When used for a long time, you can easily judge without holding the temperature.

In addition to the above mentioned installation requirements, kitchen water heaters must be installed in a relatively dry place, and ventilation must be good, it is important to keep dry, must have a good drainage. The above is the Xiaobian of the decoration home network to bring you all about the kitchen water heater, I believe that after reading this article, the small master has a basic understanding of the kitchen water heater installation, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, Please click to enter the decoration process section.

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