Adding liquid silicone to be used as a penis is already a very hot product, but many customers are still limited to the mold molding process for silicone penis. It is thought that the silicone penis can only be formed by injection molding. In fact, the silicone penis is really hot and not formed by injection molding. The product, but the injection molding products, commonly known as all-inclusive silicone silicone penis!

The all-inclusive plastic penis is a kind of product which is formed by injection molding of silica gel through injection molding machine. Only the surface is silica gel, and the inside is an electronic original, which can play the role of vibration and waterproof! Add molding silicone, condensation type silica gel, pad printing silica gel, coating silica gel, pressure sensitive adhesive, you can choose, consult silicone phone exclusive: hfdd1993!

The addition of liquid silicone rubber is a vinyl-containing polysiloxane as a base polymer. The viscosity of the pre-vulcanized rubber before vulcanization is low, which is convenient for perfusion, does not exotherm during vulcanization, and does not emit low molecular by-products. The shrinkage rate is small, the vulcanization can be deep, and the operation is simple. After vulcanization, it becomes a soft transparent or translucent elastomer, which can maintain elasticity for a long time in the temperature range of -50 °C to 200 °C. Addition molding liquid silica gel is a high-grade type of silicone rubber, which has the advantages of vulcanization and the like, and the sealing property at high temperature is better than that of the condensation type. Excellent electrical and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, weathering resistance, moisture resistance, shock resistance, good low compression set, low combustion; physiologically inert, non-toxic, odorless, and vulcanized Speed ​​can be controlled with temperature and so on!

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