Spring is the season of sowing, and it is also a season full of hope. However, the temperature in the spring rises, the rainfall increases, and various pests begin to break out. Today we will talk about how to prevent and control vegetable pests in the greenhouse. There are many kinds of vegetable pests in the greenhouse, such as the golden worm, the cockroach, the cockroach, the beet armyworm, the diamondback moth, the white butterfly, etc. It is best to eliminate the pests. It is the first to detect the type of pests, the time of the outbreak and the conditions of the outbreak. Elimination, more targeted, you can use Top Yunnong's insect detection light, insect detection light is also called solar insect detection light, intelligent insect detection light, model TPCB-III-A, of course, this is only One of them, the pest test light is used to trap insects into the box, killing the pests with built-in pesticides, instead of killing the larvae like spraying pesticides, greatly improving the control effect. In addition to the use of insect detection lamps, there are many ways to prevent and control vegetable pests. The occurrence of pests can also be met by certain soil and environmental conditions. It can be started from the detection of soil environment and atmospheric environment. Everyone made a summary, as follows: 1. Deeply plough the land before transplanting, finely level the land, apply the fully decomposed high-quality farmyard manure as the base fertilizer, and appropriately increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Before transplanting, select the appropriate agent for the main pests, and spray the ground, wall, column and shed film evenly with the diluted liquid slightly larger than the conventional control, for surface sterilization, or use smoke to seal the smoke. ~24 hours. 2. For the warm fruits and vegetables in the morning, in the morning of normal weather, increase the temperature as much as possible to make the moisture atomize, increase the ventilation in the afternoon, cool down and drain the moisture 3. Avoid flooding the water, watering on cloudy days or cloudy after pouring Balanced fertilization; 4. When the diameter of tomato young fruit is about 15 mm (7 to 15 days after flowering), remove the petals and stigma to reduce the occurrence of gray mold; 5. Select the sunny day at noon and timely remove the old (yellow) leaves from the lower part of the plant. Diseased fruits (leaves), seriously ill strains, pest eggs, larvae, etc., are taken out of the shed and destroyed. 6. Hang the yellow plate before the occurrence of pests to trap white (smoke) whitefly, spotted fly adult and winged dragonfly, the spacing between the yellow plates is 10 to 12 meters, and keep the yellow plate slightly higher than the plant growth point. 7. Install the pest monitoring system, which is the remote camera type pest detection light, which can automatically complete the work of attracting insects, killing insects, dispersing insects, taking photos, etc. without supervision, and the work efficiency is very high! Source: Plant Protection Instrument Network Original Address: http://://news.chinawj.com.cn

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