The position of the baseboard actually refers to the place where the ground and the wall are linked. To make the decoration look better, use a skirting method to cover the right-angled gap between the wall and the floor. So what steps are required for the installation of the baseboard ? What do you need to pay attention to?

First, what steps are required to install the baseboard

1, first of all need to buy a good match with the ground line, in general, the choice of the color of the skirting should be similar to the laying of the floor, it will look more beautiful.

2, then the wall for processing, for the uneven wall should be flat, but also need to talk about the wall of dust clean, construction on the smooth surface without bumps, but also need to carry out the position of the baseboard measuring.

3. After measuring the length of the installation baseboard, cut the baseboard of the same length according to the length of the wall.

4. To install the skirting board on the wall, it is necessary to drill holes on the wall. After the drilling is completed, the floor nail can be used to fix it on the wall.

5, in this case, the basic can be completed, after the installation is complete, you can use wet cloth to scrub the skirting position, after the clean-up can be completed.

Second, install the skirting board

1. The floor nails used for the baseboard installation must be purchased with special screws so that the fixing effect can be strengthened. The baseboard will not fall. In order to pursue beauty, the edges of the skirting board can also be polished and installed. It is necessary to pay attention to the distance between the baseboard and the front, especially the position of the corner, and you should not leave gaps that are too wide. Before the installation, you can first tell the baseboard to test the position, test the flatness of the wall and the gap width with the corner.

2, before the installation of the baseboard need to remove the white cement on the wall, and then paste the skirting, when the paste is also as long as the protection of the skirting is to avoid painting and painting when the glue to the baseboard surface Can't clean up. The gap between the baseboard and the floor should be less than 3mm. The width of a coin can be too large.

Summary: The installation of the baseboard is still relatively simple. Some woodworking masters will operate. Using a skirting board can well protect the wall surface and also has a decorative effect. Above baseboard installation on steps needed to install and points to note the contents of the baseboard, you can refer to.

Baseboard installation

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