There are bay windows in our current building. People who have floating window sills will buy bay window mats. Imagine sitting next to the bay window, watching the scenery outside, and holding a glass of red wine in your hand. What a pleasant life. Ah, then we want to buy the window mat, what kind of material is the window cushion? What kind of material are the window cushions that we all buy? How do you match it better? If everyone is interested in this, float What kind of material is used for the window mat? Just take a look at the information prepared for you in the following small series.


What kind of material is used for the bay window pad:

1, fabric floating window mat

Fabric Bay window mat is now a popular window window mat, no matter the color or style of the pattern is changeable, we must first look at what our bay window looks like, what is our home decoration? Style, we choose again, different styles we can choose different patterns and colors. The fabric is very easy to clean.


2, wool pad floating window mat

Some people like stuffed things, we can decorate some of the more expensive wool pad window mats on our bay window, but this kind of need we often take care of, compare the chair to absorb soil.

3, chenille window mat

Chenille is also a very popular material. The texture is softer and more comfortable, but it is also more vacuum-absorbing than wool, but it is much better than wool.

4, satin window cushion

The price of satin is much more expensive, and the effect is very good. Our satin is very good, but because there are few sales, there is no other effect, and the style on the market is very small.


5, sponge window cushion

Sponge is cheaper, and we rely on it to be softer, but the life of the sponge is relatively short and not very environmentally friendly.

6, straw mat window mat

It is easier to take care of, that is, we use grass-woven window, it is easier to take care of, but the life expectancy is relatively short.

How to match the bay window pad is more suitable:

1, the stripes are generally easier to highlight the style of our home decoration, the simple color is the strip of the mutual match. Or use a different color system to match. This will also make our space look longer.

2, light-colored furniture, we can use pale pink, green, the mat on the top of a little small floral to make our bay window is very small and fresh.

3, dark furniture, we use dark green or dark blue are very good. The indoor environment is too noble.

4, we want to do a small fresh style, our mat is based on small floral, let us be relatively clean,

5, the artificial flower bay window pad set is not true, but it can make our space a little more smart, but also let our space look very clean.

6, the floating window is mostly made of marble material, the pattern is very good, we can also use the method of edging, the style is a lot, but after all, the stone looks like it is very cold. The warm window cushions will make me look warmer.

The above is a small series of explanations about the window cushions. Specifically, what materials are used depends on what kind of materials we like. What materials we choose are what we like. We have to look at the style of our bay window to buy the window mat. We don't have to worry about the style of our bay window and bay window. We are also more trouble-free. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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