What is an angle valve

Angle valves are also called triangle valves, angle valves, and angled water valves. The installation time can be at the earliest after finishing the tiles and before the bathroom installation at the latest. It is recommended to install it after sanitation, to avoid being affected by decoration dust or glue.

What is the use of angle valve

1. Transfer internal and external water outlets.

2. If the water pressure is too high, it can be adjusted by an angle valve.

3. If there is a water tap leaking in your home, you don't need to turn off the main water valve at this time, just turn off the angle valve, so the angle valve can also understand a small branch sluice. Refer to air switch.

4. The value of appearance, the angle valve + decorative cover at the outlet will look good.

Is it okay not to install the angle valve?

A real case without an angle valve is used to link the water inlet pipe and the water outlet with a metal straight through.

If you don’t install the angle valve, besides the appearance value is almost the same, in case the faucet leaks, it happens that you cannot replace it immediately at night. You can only turn off the main water valve at home first, which will affect the water use in other places.

There are several kinds of spool

From the valve core, there are ceramic valve cores, spherical valve cores, rubber rotary valve cores, and engineering plastic valve cores. The ceramic valve core is more common for household use , which is moderately priced, has a long service life, and feels good.

Because of the difference between the structure and the angle valve of the ball valve, theoretically the flow rate will be larger. Some water heater companies will recommend installing a ball valve at the hot water outlet of the water heater. If the water pressure at home is really low, you can consider installing it, but the effect will not be obvious. The latter two spools (rubber & plastic) either have no guarantee of quality or have been eliminated.

What is fast opening and slow opening

It only needs to be turned at 90 degrees. It is commonly known as the quick-open type. It is a ceramic valve core and is commonly used in home decorations on the market. Slow-opening is mostly a rubber rotary valve core, which has now been eliminated. The reason is that it takes time and effort to open and close. At present, the family rarely uses angle valves of this material.

What are the angle valve materials

Common angle valves on the market are made of: alloy copper (all copper), stainless steel, iron, zinc alloy, ABS plastic, etc.

Angle valves made of iron and alloy materials will become brittle and rusty in less than two years. The pipes may be broken and cannot be replaced. They must be disassembled violently, and the inner wire of the water outlet may be damaged. It is not recommended to buy them. ABS plastic angle valve has a relatively short life span and is used more in engineering and public places.

All-copper material Red punch forging is the best all-copper material. Foundry is cheap, but the materials and processing accuracy are low. As the safety gate of the waterway, the quality should be guaranteed.

The identification method is the boundary between the inside of the interface and the inner valve core. If there are pores or rough surfaces, it is cast. On the contrary, it is red-forged.

There are also stainless steel angle valves, which have the same advantages as all-copper angle valves, and are slightly more expensive, but all-copper materials have strong antibacterial properties . For details, please refer to the following topic.

Which is better, copper faucet or stainless steel faucet?

How many angle valves do you want?

The structure of the gas angle valve and the water angle valve are different. In most areas, the local gas company pays (qiang) fees (zhi), and there is no choice.

General gas water heater air inlet, stove air inlet, gas meter main valve need one each.

Hot and cold faucets: 2 (1 cold and 1 hot)

Water heater: 2 (1 cold and 1 hot)

Single cold faucet: 1 (1 cold)

Toilet tank: 1 (1 cold)

Squat toilet water tank: 1 (1 cold)

Small kitchen treasure: 1 (1 cold)

Shower head: no angle valve required

Floor heating: no need to purchase

The angle valve for the interface of the washing machine or the tap of the washing machine should be used for the washing machine.

Is the angle valve divided into hot and cold water?

Most of the handles are different in color. In order to make it easier for users to distinguish between them, the quality and structure of the same brand are the same. Even if they are installed backwards, there is no problem.

Can I install it myself?

Installation is relatively simple, but pay attention to these points:

1. Clean the dirt, sand and other impurities of the water inlet to avoid damage to the valve core . Many installation masters may not pay attention to this. The owner needs to pay attention when supervising the work.

2. The clockwise of the reverse winding of the raw material tape is opposite to the clockwise of the installation

3. Wrap a little thicker, after the thread is not visible, wind it a few more times.

4. Prepare a wrench and raw material belt, and proceed as shown in the figure below.

How to avoid backflow of toilet water

Here is a supplementary content that may not be noticed. The water in the toilet tank will flow back into the tap water pipe under certain conditions. The water tank generally does not pay attention to regular disinfection, so there will be a certain hygiene risk. .

Especially when the blue toilet block is used, there may be toilet cleaning ingredients that are harmful to the human body.

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