The intelligent lighting system of smart home is an all-digital, modular and distributed bus type control system based on computer control platform. The central processing unit and the module communicate directly through the network bus, and the bus is used to realize illumination, dimming, blinds, scenes, control, etc., and become a complete bus system. The state of the device in the bus can be automatically adjusted according to changes in the external environment, achieving safety, energy saving, and humanized effects, and can be used in future use to re-program the computer to increase or modify the function of the system according to the user's requirements, without having to re- With the laying of cables, the intelligent lighting control system has high reliability and flexible control, which cannot be achieved by traditional lighting control methods. Today, Xiaobian introduces you to the principle and composition of intelligent home lighting control system to help you deepen your understanding of intelligent lighting control systems.

Smart home smart lighting

The principle and composition of intelligent lighting control system for smart home:

The system of intelligent lighting is usually mainly composed of a dimming module, a switch module, a control panel, a liquid crystal display touch screen, a smart sensor, a PC interface, a time management module, a handheld programmer, a monitoring computer (a large network requires a bridge connection) and the like.

Line system: Bus-type intelligent lighting Simple switch features: The load circuit is connected to the output of the output unit, and the control switch is connected to the output unit by a Category 5 cable. When the load capacity is large, only increase the output unit capacity, and the control switch is not affected. When the switch distance is long, only the length of the control bus must be lengthened to save the large-section cable usage; various functions can be set by software (on/off) , dimming, timing, etc.). The characteristics of the bus-type intelligent lighting system dual control circuit: when implementing dual control, it is only necessary to simply connect a switch in parallel on the control bus; when performing multi-point control, multiple switches can be connected in parallel, and only one five types are used between the switches. Line connection, line installation is simple and easy.

Control mode: intelligent lighting control, using low-voltage secondary small-signal control, strong control function, multiple modes, wide range, high degree of automation, by implementing the preset and memory functions of the scene, only one click on the control panel The key can start a lighting scene (different light and dark of each lighting circuit to form a lighting effect), and each lighting loop will automatically change to the corresponding state.

Lighting method: The intelligent lighting control system adopts “dimming module”, which produces different lighting effects by dimming the lights in different occasions to create different comfortable atmospheres.

Management method: Traditional control of lighting management is artificial management; intelligent control system can realize energy management automation, through a distributed network, only one computer can realize the management of the whole building.

The above is about the intelligent home lighting control system related introduction, about the intelligent lighting control system principle and the composition of this knowledge, you got it?

UPE plastic,full name UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent properties of linear structure, with a molecular weight of more than 1.5 million.mainly have  ESD UPE SHEET,CONDUCTIVE UPE.

Small density, good wear resistance, self - lubricity, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.



1. Average molecular weight about 5,000,000 to 9,000,000;

2.The best abrasive assistance of all plastics , which 4 times higher than that of nylon 66 or teflon and 6 times higher than that of carbon steel;

3.Extremely high impact stength ,which is twice as high as PC ,5 times as high as ABS,it also retaines high toughness at liquid nitrogen temperature (-196'C);

4.Low friction coefficient ,lubricity is equal to that of Teflon ;

5.The best impact energy absorption value of all plastics ,with very good sound reduction effect ;

6.High chemical stability ,capable of resisting various types of corrosion and organic media within certain temperature and concentration range;

7.Strong adhensive resistance which is only second to Teflon;

8.UHMW-PE Plastic is safe , healthful and non-toxic and be can used in contact with food and drugs ;

9.Low density than any other thermoplastic ;

10.Excellent electrical insulation and static resistance ,good resistance to high energy radiation;

11.Moderate mechanical strength,stiffness and creep-resistant property'

12.Outstanding machining property ,very low water absorption .




Compared with other engineering plastics, UHMW-PE Plastic is resistant to heat resistance, stiffness and hardness, but can be improved by means of "filling" and "crosslinking".

From the point ofheat resistance, the melting point of UHMW-PE Plastic is approximately the same (136 ℃) and ordinary polyethylene, but because of its big molecular weight, melt viscosity high, so the processing difficulty is big.



Papermaking industry : suction box boards ,scrapper,molding plate ,beating ,gear .

Mining industry : charging barrel ,abrasive and adhensive -resistant back lining for warehouses.

Chemical industry : acid pump ,fliter plate , worm gear ,bearing .

Food industry :packing machinery parts ,bottle guide ,screw .wear plate ,slide away ,stud weld ,roller and other transmission parts.

Tenxile industry : buffer board

Food processing industry : chopping block ,refrigerating plant

Wharf:anti-collision board


Specification: the thickness of UHMW-PE Plastic sheet material can be produced from 0.3mm to 1.9mm, the normal width is 600mm, the width can exceed 1200mm, and the length is not limited.
The thickness of plate can be produced from 2mm to 180mm, the usual specification of 2-10mm is 600mm* 1200mm, and the commonly used specification of 10-180mm is 1200*3080mm. UHMW-PE Plastic can also be customized according to requirements, and the width cannot exceed 1200mm, and the length is not limited.

Color: Black and white, can also be made another color, and the color order is 500KG.

Modified varieties: UHMW-PE Plastic can be added to the Glass Fiber, copper powder, and molybdenum disulfide enhancement plate according to customer's requirements.
Add antistatic agent to the permanent plate, the volume resistance value of 10 to the 6 to 9 power.
Add flame retardant to the flame retardant board from UL 94v-0 to HB combustion grade, and other modification requirements are required to customize various additional properties according to the actual use of the customer.

Product certification: most environmental certification reports and safety reports forraw materials, such as SGS report, CTI report, UL report, MSDS safety information, etc.


UHMW-PE Plastic Sheet

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