Recently, the Office of Environmental Protection Committee of Yingjing County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province issued the “Implementation Plan for the Disintegration of Small Stone Processing Enterprises in Yingjing County”, which clearly stipulates that the stone processing enterprises in the county will achieve standardized production and utilization of stone resources through special rectification work. The rate has been significantly improved, solid waste such as waste and waste residue has been uniformly removed, centralizedly disposed and comprehensively utilized. The wastewater has “zero emission” and the environment has been significantly improved. The stone processing industry has been optimized and upgraded to achieve scale, intensification and standardization development. Improve the popularity of Yingjing County stone brand. There are a total of 96 small stone processing enterprises outside the county industrial park (including 12 in the county planning area), with a total of 323 cutting machines, 258 grinding machines and 210 cutting machines. In order to crack down on the illegal and illegal behaviors of the “scattering pollution” enterprise, standardize the development order of the stone processing industry, establish and improve the long-term management mechanism of the stone processing industry, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the stone processing industry, this rectification will be “reformed, The principle of “closing a batch and entering the park” is based on the principle of “regulation according to laws and regulations, rational disposal, environmental protection priority; unblocking and combination, standard management” as the starting point, incomplete procedures, backward technology, scattered distribution, polluted environment The “scattering pollution” small stone processing enterprises are classified and disposed. Among the 84 enterprises outside the urban planning area, the conditions for remediation are classified as allowing local remediation. Enterprises that have the willingness to rectify will adopt various forms such as joint construction and transformation to rectify the situation before August 31 this year, obtain relevant procedures, and resume production according to procedures after meeting the conditions for resumption of production. Enterprises that do not have local remediation conditions and have a willingness to continue production are allowed to enter the park. Small stone processing enterprises that still have a willingness to produce after the closure is allowed to enter the park to regulate construction. Enterprises entering the park must meet the conditions for entering the park, such as construction standards, investment intensity, tax payment, etc., and the equipment has reached the domestic advanced level; the annual production scale is not less than 100,000 square meters.

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