Hook type shot blasting machine maintenance hits: 252017-04-19 10:50:39 Source: Wuxi Taiyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Sales Department, Wuxi shot blasting machine, Wuxi grinding machine, Wuxi belt machine, Wuxi finishing machine --- Wuxi Taiyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Hook-type shot blasting machine maintenance hook type shot blasting machine maintenance source: Wuxi Taiyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. [Sales], Wuxi shot blasting machine, Wuxi grinding machine, Wuxi abrasive belt Machine, Wuxi finishing machine---Wuxi Taiyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Hook type shot blasting machine maintenance:
1. Carefully check the transfer records between employees before work. Check if any debris falls into the machine and clear it in time to prevent blockage of each conveying link and cause equipment failure.
2. Before operation, it is necessary to carry out secondary inspection of the wearing parts of the guard plates, blades, impellers, rubber curtains, directional sleeves, rollers and other wearing parts in time. Check if the mating bolt connection of the moving parts of each appliance is loose and tighten in time. The injection point of the shot blasting machine equipment regularly checks whether the oil filling in each part meets the requirements. Seals must be inspected daily for damage if they are damaged.
3. The operator should check the cleaning effect at any time. If there is any abnormality, stop immediately and check the equipment as a whole. Before starting the machine, you must check whether the various switches of the control cabinet (panel) are in the required setting position (including each power switch) before turning on the power to avoid damage to electrical and mechanical equipment due to malfunction. "Target=_blank>The equipment is damaged due to mechanical equipment.
4. Always check the quality of the steel cleaning. If necessary, adjust the projectile angle and the roller conveyor speed to operate in accordance with the operating procedures.
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