For each family, the lighting is an extremely crucial part, and its role is also many, such as lighting the room, building a home atmosphere, enhancing the style, etc., can be said to be closely related to our daily life, but do you know? ? Different room lighting used is not the same, Xiao Bian gave you details of how at various home improvement and home improvement lighting fixtures to buy the right to buy three major considerations, I hope for your help.

How to choose the home improvement lamps

1, living room lighting options

For the lighting in the hall, try to select according to the size and style of the whole range. If it is a small room type, only one main lamp is needed. If it is a large room type, a variety of lamps are needed to create the atmosphere together, and the living room is used as a guest. In places, the light must be sufficient, otherwise it will be secretive and will make visitors feel uncomfortable.

2, bedroom lighting options

As a private place for rest, the light should be selected with soft light, so as to ensure the relaxation of the mood of the homeowner, so the lamp in the bedroom is preferably based on a warm and soft yellow color. In addition, a downlight can be embedded in the head of the bed or Wall lamp makes the interior more romantic and comfortable atmosphere.

3, restaurant lighting options

For the lighting of the dining area, the shape of the dining table shall prevail. If it is a square table top, it is appropriate to place a chandeliers of a proper height. If the lampshades can be fitted more skillfully, if it is a circular tabletop, in addition to the long chandelier directly above, You can also install a circle of concealed test lights as an auxiliary light source.

4, kitchen lighting options

As a cooking place, the decoration of the lighting should not be too fancy, it is best to use the own light with the cabinet, in addition from the energy-saving point of view, should not be placed too many lamps, usually do not use ceiling lamps, because This kind of lamp only has astigmatism, can't gather light, in the selection of the light source, try best to the slice warm direction is better, such light is more beautiful.

Home Furnishing lighting purchase 3 major considerations

1, in the selection should be based on the decorative style of the house, so as to be more coordinated with the overall, for example, with the Chinese style of the house, should use antique, carved lighting is better, and the modern minimalist style of the house, the lighting is to use minimalist Atmosphere modeling.

2, in order to use more low-carbon and energy-saving, for the use of lighting, try to LED is better, it can not only ensure adequate lighting, but also very energy-saving and environmental protection, it has become very popular in the current lighting market products.

3, do not use low-quality light because of low quality, otherwise in the late use, it is easy to have an explosion situation, so when selecting, the safety of lamps and lanterns can not be ignored, in the purchase must go to the regular manufacturers to choose, do not Choosing substandard products because of the small amount of money and small losses.

Concluding remarks: The above is about home improvement lamps how to correctly purchase the knowledge introduced, I believe most of the partners for home improvement lamps how to correctly purchase already have a better understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult Xiao Bian.

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